providing efficient

healthy food

without environmental pressure

szemleletvaltasParadigm shift

Our very complicated and artificial – therefore unhealthy – economic environment together with the consumption of extremely contaminated food products are responsible for the rising numbers of chronic diseases. Sensibly, our agriculture is subjected for this purpose.

Our business is expressly aspiring to change the negative habits of the Hungarian farmers, which were adopted 50 years ago. We wish to address those farmers and/or farms who also feel the problems, and are open-minded for different approaches. Because it can be done other way and better!

These days we can observe that higher education is not necessarily gives knowledge, utterly not experience and the ability to make conclusions. It is terrific to see that many of the farmers are producing uneconomically for decades (buying from multinational companies), and they will pass this to the next generations.

Our business is systematically aspiring to keep balance with the environment by developing the suitable varieties for the actual age with the continuous observation of the variables.
So, we do not rush anywhere, we do not stimulate any process. And the operation of the market does not influence our long term work either.


'We are what we eat!'
Ancient saying with eternal force! All the focuses of the branches in the sector should meet in this one point, at heath! We produce, we research to sustain the health/harmony of our body. (At least we should.)
When we consume something synthetic, uncertain origin material that looks like food, the effect will come out, because we get a warning in forms of diseases, showing, that we are doing something really the wrong way.

At vargabona, we are continually researching to find the most suitable and healthiest grain for the living beings. Although, we are often being accused by the 'scientific researchers' that we do not even live in the 21th century, we do not keep up with the 'progress'. We think progress has many directions, but it does not depend on any age. And we do not measure the quality of our wheats by fertilizers or man-made markers.
So, what results have we achieved? We let you to decide it by yourselves as you are going through our website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.