VT Salvatio

The first listed variety of king wheat is the VT Salvatio. The variety’s height, robustness typify spelt, its kernel shape and content are the mixture of the two species, but mainly characterizes the improved dicoccum. Its agrotechnical manageability corresponds with the aestivum.


King wheat combines the necessary parameters for making dried dough:

  • high semolina (sleet) contentin dependence of milling technique,
  • high protein content (requirement of egglessness),
  • high carotene content: 4,2-7,0 mg/kg (possibility of egg yolklessness),
  • and very flexible gluten structure (optimal cooking features).
Table of contents
bakery value (Hungarian standard) A2-A1
protein content 14 - 48%
wet gluten 32 - 38%
spreading 1,5 - 3,5 mm/h
falling number 300 - 450 sec
gluten index 95 - 98%
absorption 92 - 95%
flour productivity >80%
test weight 82 - 84 kg
1000 kernel weight 61 - 65 kg
Alveograph W-value 300 - 350
Extensograph resistance 430 - 480

Besides of all, the human and economy-political importance of the king wheat corresponds with the novum wheat; differences manifest in protein quantity and bakery industrial quality.


  1. King wheat matches in classic qualities or even better than the canadian wheat.
  2. Due to its emmer line, it is an excellent dry dough material, it exceeds durum in its content.
  3. The color of king wheat flours (differing from common flours) is not white or greyish white (BL-80, BL-112), but light yellowish due to its natural carotene pigment.
  4. King flours have taste – they are not tasteless, powdery – they have features which give a special culinary pleasure. A real gastronomical excellence.
  5. King flours react to the time and quantity of hydration differently than common white flours, that’s why in the beginning it is practical to try smaller quantity. The point: initially slower hydration (due to the bigger granule size), but later it can gradually absorb more.
  6. The use of fertilizer is not recommended during the cultivation, therefore its flours are not 'poisonous'. The common flours, probably due to the effects of fertilization, have an altered protein structure, therefore on long-term they may be responsible for the emergence of intolerances and allergies, just like the gluten sensitivity in dependence of immune strength.
  7. Feedbacks have been received from gluten sensitive consumers saying there were no usual symptoms occured after eating products of king wheat flour.
  8. King wheat flours used for making eggless dry dough spare the body from many egg originated diseases (salmonella) because they have protein surplus equal to 4-6 pieces of eggs.
  9. Due to the higher protein content and bodylike amino acid structure, products made from king flour (bread, bakery products, doughs etc.) have strengthening and health preserving characteristics.