Novum wheat

novum eng

The common wheat is a spin-off of some spelt-forms which mutated and became threshable in the ancient times. If the variations have been deteriorating for thousands of years, then it would be practical to make the nature to repeat itself.
In the mid 90’s, without crossing, GM-technology and other controlled interference, the evolutional progress has been restarted, with the help of the nature. With scientific appellation, the spelt has diversificated and with this new evolutional step speciation happened so the Triticum genus has flared with this branch.

The new variations comply all the ways of utilization:
  • the first listed and patented variety is the VSP Bácska, which is good for forage, Graham-flour production and other utilizations of the spelt etc., with its 18-25% protein content,
  • there are primary lines for industrial use (ethanol, dry gluten, methionine etc.), and for complex biomass utilization.
The significance of the new species in human- and economy policy:
  • ideal nutriment content, excellent absorption measure,
  • protein and wet gluten content exceeding common wheat with 40-80%,
  • amino acid content is like the elements of animal protein, so biological value is nearly the same,
  • lecithin and cefalin content is very close to soybean,
  • expensive protein import could be replaced,
  • the production of animal products could be cheaper,
  • there are biological bases with wide enough genetic background for the sustainable and expanding organic farming,
  • the pressure on environment can be reduced,
  • population retention ability could be strengthened in disadvantaged areas,
  • new-structured agrarian export invasion can be initiated,
  • as biomass it could be a good competitor for energy grass and forest; in the field of first generation bioethanol production it’s more profitable because of the possibility of twin-product (gluten etc.); in the field of second generation bioethanol production the cellulose content of the large quantities of dry straw is very favorable.